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Jennifer and Trix

Jennifer spent 6 years in the Navy as a Master-at-Arms, attaining the rank of Petty Officer Second Class.  She was medically discharged due to service connected disabilities.  Through years of trying to find herself again she was able to find her Service Dog Trix who helps mitigate the symptoms of PTSD.  Trix makes it easier to go out in public because there is someone watching her back and making sure no one can walk up behind her.  The friendliness Trix provides helps provide a safe subject to talk to strangers about.  Overall it is a mutually beneficial relationship, Trix gets all the love and attention that she rightly deserves and Jennifer has a buffer that allows her to function in public. 
Trix was found at a Rescue shelter after being a stray.  She was very quiet and reserved until she discovered that she would be loved forever.  Now it is difficult to get her to stop saying hi to the guests that come to visit her (or so she thinks).  Although she has a task that is very important to her, she loves the times when she is allowed to run free in the fenced in backyard.  Barking at squirrels and providing turtles for her mom to rescue are very important to her.