Veteran Assistance Animal Guide

Canine Partners for Life

Location: Cochranville, PA

Area Served: Nationwide

Phone Number: 610-869-4902 

Type Provided: Mobility Assistance, Medical Response, PTSD training can be trained as secondary.

Breeds of Dogs: Primarily Labrador Retrievers but will use most breeds or mixes.

Demographics: Veterans, Civilians and Children 12 years or older

We train full serve dogs for individuals with physical or mobility impairments such as Cerebral Palsy, ALS, MS or traumatic brain injuries but we can also train medical alert dogs who can alert to medical episodes (such as loss of consciousness or seizures) before they happen.  We do place dogs with individuals who have PTSD or other psychiatric conditions but only if it is secondary to a primary, physical disability.

High Plains Ranch

Location and Area served: Lexington, OK; serving Oklahoma City, Tulsa and areas beyond, including individuals that are willing to travel to site for training.

Type Provided: Psychiatric Service Dog, Mobility, Hearing Impairment, Medical Response.

Breed of Dogs: Best fit

Demographics: Adults and Children

Wait time: 3-20 months

America's Vetdogs
Location: Smithtown, NY

Area Served: North America

Phone Number: 866-838-3647

Type Provided: Guide Dogs, Mobility Assistance Dogs, Medical Alert Service Dogs, Psychiatric Service Dogs, Facility Therapy Dogs, and Therapy Dogs.

Breed of Dogs: Yellow and Black Labradors, Standard Poodles, Golden Retrievers, and other dogs can be requested.

Demographics: Veterans

Wait Time: 3-12 months, Times vary depending on the training to be provided, or if there is a special request for a dog.

  • Dogs will be provided for the Veteran with the best match possible.
  • Will have to attend a 10 day in-residence training program before returning home with a Service Dog.

Medical Response Dogs (Medical Alert Dogs)