Veteran Assistance Animal Guide

High Plains Ranch

Location and Area served: Lexington, OK; serving Oklahoma City, Tulsa and areas beyond, including individuals that are willing to travel to site for training.

Type Provided: Psychiatric Service Dog, Mobility, Hearing Impairment, Medical Response.

Breed of Dogs: Best fit

Demographics: Adults and Children

Wait time: 3-20 months


4 Paws For Ability

Location and Area Served: Nationally (Mobility or Hearing Impairment Dogs) Ohio, Kentucky (PTSD)

Phone Number: 937-374-0385

Type Provided: Mobility Assistance Dogs, Hearing Impairment Dogs, and PTSD on a very limited basis

Breeds of Dogs: Various Fun website that shows the dogs we use.

Demographics: Veterans

Wait time: 12 Months to Train Dog


Canine Partners for Life

Location: Cochranville, PA

Area Served: Nationwide

Phone Number: 610-869-4902 

Type Provided: Mobility Assistance, Medical Response, PTSD training can be trained as secondary.

Breeds of Dogs: Primarily Labrador Retrievers but will use most breeds or mixes.

Demographics: Veterans, Civilians and Children 12 years or older

We train full serve dogs for individuals with physical or mobility impairments such as Cerebral Palsy, ALS, MS or traumatic brain injuries but we can also train medical alert dogs who can alert to medical episodes (such as loss of consciousness or seizures) before they happen.  We do place dogs with individuals who have PTSD or other psychiatric conditions but only if it is secondary to a primary, physical disability.

Service Dog Project

Location: Ipswich, MA

Areas Served: Northern East Coast

Phone Number: 978-356-0666

Type Provided: Mobility Assistance Dogs

Breed of Dog: Great Danes

Demographics: Veteran and family preference but will serve civilians

Wait time: Depends but generally 6-12 months

Operation K9

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Area Served: Continental United States

Phone Number: 210-557-6891

Type Provided: Mobility Assistance Dogs, Psychiatric Service Dog for PTSD only, and TBI

Breed of Dogs: Labradors, Shepherds, Working Groups through reputable sources (rescue groups, shelters and breeders)

Demographics: Veterans (Retired and those in MEB process) who served after 11SEP01.

Wait Time: Currently 2 Years

  • Medical and Military documentation required with Application.
  • Veteran must be able to visit Texas for personal interview during application process.

Pawsitive Perspectives Assistance Dogs (PawPADs)

Location: Savage, MN

Area Served: Within 200 mile radius of Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

Phones Number: 612-643-5671

Type Provided: Mobility Assistance Dogs, Diabetic Alert Dogs, Facility Therapy Dog, and Autism Service Dogs occasionally.

Breed of Dogs: Typically Labradors, Golden Retrievers, crosses.  We also have a mix of rescued/shelter dogs and dogs from breeders.

Demographics:  Prioritize placement with physically wounded warriors, with no charge to veterans.

Wait Time: Ensuring a good match can take from 3 months to 1 year.

Veterans Moving Forward, Inc.

Location: Catharpin, VA

Area Served: Veteran applicants from anywhere in the USA for service dogs; therapy dog recipients need to be in the northern VA, Washington DC metro area and/or Maryland.  

Phone Number: 1-866-375-1209

Type Provided: Psychiatric Service Dog, Mobility Assistance Dogs, Therapy Dogs, and Facility Therapy Dogs.

Breed of Dogs: Service Dogs are Retrievers through qualified breeders, Non-Service dogs are a variety of breeds.

Demographics: Veterans and Military currently going through medical board

Wait time: Approximately 18-22 Months

Puppy Jake Foundation

Location: Des Moines, IA

Area Served: Iowa and the Midwest region at this point

Phone Number: 515-490-9766

Type Provided: Psychiatric Service Dog and Mobility Assistance Dog

Breed of Dogs: Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, and German Shephards

Demographics: Wounded Military Veterans

Wait Time: Placement to begin Fall 2014

Paws for Purple Hearts

Location: Rohnert Park, CA

Area Served: Nationwide

Phone Number: 707-238-5110 or 202-681-9575

Type Provided: Mobility Assistance Dogs, Psychiatric Service Dogs for PTSD only

Breed of Dogs: Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers

Demographics: Veterans Only

Wait Time: 1-5 Years

  • This organization has Veterans with PTSD Train the Dogs for Veterans with Mobility Related issues.
  • This helps provide a purpose and therapy to Veterans suffering from PTSD.
  • Therapeutic program is located at VA Palo Alto Health Care System

America's Vetdogs
Location: Smithtown, NY

Area Served: North America

Phone Number: 866-838-3647

Type Provided: Guide Dogs, Mobility Assistance Dogs, Medical Alert Service Dogs, Psychiatric Service Dogs, Facility Therapy Dogs, and Therapy Dogs.

Breed of Dogs: Yellow and Black Labradors, Standard Poodles, Golden Retrievers, and other dogs can be requested.

Demographics: Veterans

Wait Time: 3-12 months, Times vary depending on the training to be provided, or if there is a special request for a dog.

  • Dogs will be provided for the Veteran with the best match possible.
  • Will have to attend a 10 day in-residence training program before returning home with a Service Dog.

Semper K9 Assistance Dogs
Location:  Montclair, VA
Area served:  Serving the US
Phone Number: 703) 680-6974
Type of dogs provided: Psychiatric Service Dog, Mobility Service Dog, and Emotional Support Animals (specifically dogs)
Breed of Dogs:  Temperament tested rescue dogs from various Animal Shelters and Dog Rescues in Northern Virginia
Demographics:  Wounded, critically-ill and injured members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families
Wait time:  9 month to 2 years

  • Credentialing: Association of Professional Dog Trainers, American Kennel Club, International Association of Assistance Dog Partners, The Foundation for Service Dog Support Inc.
  • Volunteer Opportunities: K9 Coach, K9 training assistant, apprenticeships, Fund raising, Event coordination/staging, Volunteer services(Veterinarian, Grooming, Administrative, Professional services)
  • Alternate Training: Service Dog Maintenance Training, AKC STAR Puppy training, AKC Canine Good Citizen(CGC) training & Community Canine(CGCA) APDT Canine Life And Social Skills(CLASS) training, Scent & detection training

Mobility Assistance Dogs